Preparing For the Fast

I hope you enjoyed my first post on the Daniel Fast. This follow up post is intended to point you in the right direction as you prepare.

Spiritual Preparation

This is the most important and most difficult element of any fast. A preacher once said that fasting without prayer and meditation on scripture is simply starvation. Please don’t starve yourself! Let the time you have set aside for this fast be productive.

  • Set up some time for worship, bible reading and prayer. Pray about the fast you are about to undertake. Read scripture and devotionals related to fasting.
  • In addition, have a journal to keep note of your prayer requests as well as to record answered prayers and anything else the Lord shows you.
  • Lastly if you can, get someone to join you in this journey – to pray with you and keep you accountable.

Physical Preparation

It is essential to prepare your body. I have taken the last 5 days of this year to get my body prepared for the fast.

  • Around a week before your fast start eating clean,  increasing vegetable and water intake, reducing animal products and portion sizes. Below is an idea of what I’ve been eating over the last 5 days.

          Breakfast – Green smoothies, Oats with almond milk, Homemade muesli

          Lunch/dinner – Vegetable soup, Stir fried chicken and vegetables, Sweet potato chilli

          Snacks – Rice cakes and peanut butter, Fruit

  • Get a meal plan together (following the guidelines in my first post), get your groceries beforehand and if you can prepare your meals in advance.


During your fast do your best to stay away from music, TV shows and conversations that will not please the Lord. I know it can be difficult especially in the office or where you share your space with others. It doesn’t mean that you become reclusive or stick your nose up in a ‘holier than thou’ manner. Quietly excuse yourself and walk away and do not participate. Ask the Lord to help you – after all He says He is an ever present help. He will show you what to do.

Be sure to check the blog again where I’ll be sharing my meal plan for the first week of January.


The Girl Who Wears Heels xoxo

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