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This is my third post on the Daniel Fast. You may be interested in my previous introductory posts on the Daniel Fast. These can be found here and here.

In this post I will share my meal plan for week 1 of the fast. I like preparing in advance in a bid to eliminate guess work and to keep me from indulging. The internet has been a great resource for me – I’ve basically searched for vegan recipes and where needed I tweaked them to fit in with the food guidelines. I have also prepared a shopping list and will be meal prepping (either cooking and freezing meals or chopping up all ingredients in preparation to cook) on weekends.

You will see my plan involves a variety of foods for the week – that’s simply because I get bored by eating the same thing day in day out and I enjoy food with flavour. However, do what suits you in line with the guidelines provided. There’s no right or wrong way to meal prep.

There is some misconception as to how much one should eat with some suggesting that because the food is allowed and healthy then one can eat as much as they want to. Remember that fasting requires discipline and sacrifice. Do your best to exercise portion control.

Below is what I’ll be eating this week. Where possible, I’ve provided links for the recipes – remember to make modifications if need be.



Green smoothies

Oats (overnight oats, zoats)

Homemade bircher muesli

Whole grain shredded wheat

Fruit salad





One pot mexican quinoa

Sweet potato, kale chilli

Vegetable soup

Brown rice spaghetti and vegetable stir fry

Chapati with vegetable curry

Vegan lunch bowl

Warm salad


Hummus and a selection of vegetables

Homemade trail mix


Kale chips

Apple with peanut butter

Guacamole with crackers/rice cakes

Popcorn (yes you can have popcorn!!!I prefer to pop these myself)



Green tea (technically I shouldn’t be having this, but I’m making an allowance of a cup a day if I need it because it’s winter!)

I hope this has been useful. As you can see – no boring food here!

Are you doing the fast or have you done it before? Comment below with any other ideas for meals. I would love to know what you are eating.

I will continue to focus on the fast for the month of January (perhaps on a weekly basis) and will transition into other topics from February.

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I’m praying for you!


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