Daniel Fast – Meal Plan – Week 3

This is your bonus blog post featuring my meal plan for week 3. As mentioned in my previous post, halfway in and so far my body is feeling great. I haven’t been bloated for over a week (which is unheard of for me). I am also not as sluggish as I used to be. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms and the cravings have subsided. I am getting nourished  with tasty meals (my food is far from bland), and I’m enjoying it! Also, I am drinking at least 2 litres of water daily – thankfully I’m never to far from a toilet. Having said that, it is not easy eating smaller portions, not having tea in winter and looking at the back of every carton/can (my goodness I found sugar listed as one of the ingredients in minced garlic – why?!?).  It is a sacrifice, but definitely one worth making.

On to week 3!!! I did not do any shopping for this meal prep as I had a lot of food in the pantry and fridge and wanted to use up what I had left. Links are included where I have used particular recipes. Do make substitutions as per the guidelines of the fast.

Breakfast and snacks

No need to reinvent the wheel – these remain the same as week 1

Lunch and dinner

Chapatis with a bean curry and steamed kale

Brown rice and thai green vegetable curry (use this recipe to make your own curry paste – omitting fish sauce and shrimp paste)

Spinach falafels and roasted vegetables

Butternut squash and spinach soup – I usually top my soup up with pumpkin seeds or roasted chickpeas for texture

Quinoa fried ‘rice’ (omit the egg and make other substitutions)

Vegan bowl (quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach, avocado, mixed roasted vegetables – I will combine whatever I fancy)

So there you have it! If you can, prepare your meals on Sunday for the working week. I’m certainly feeling chuffed with myself – I don’t have to do any more cooking unless I want to.

Happy prepping and eating!


The Girl Who Wears Heels xoxo

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