DIY & Personalised Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Good morning from snowy Surrey. I was just about to invite friends over for lunch on 11th March when it occurred to me that it was Mother’s Day. Eeek!! I suppose I hadn’t thought about it as much because we’ve had a lot going on in February and as my mum resides in Kenya, I would celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Which begs the question – why is Mother’s Day celebrated on different days in different countries? If you know the answer, please leave a comment below. Anyway, it’s a great surprise for me and I will not complain about receiving multiple gifts in March (my birthday is this month as well)!

Having said that, Mother’s Day goes beyond gift giving. It’s really about honouring our mums and mother like figures who’ve nurtured us. Believe me, my mum and I haven’t always had the best relationship. We are polar opposites in terms of our personality types, and we clash A LOT! But I know the sacrifices that my mum has made for me, the numerous prayers that have been made for me and the advice she has offered me (even when I don’t want to hear it!!). At the end of the day, I know that she loves me. And I love and respect my mum so much – despite our differences. Why? Because she’s my mum. Period!

I think that if asked about what presents mothers would like to receive, most  would want the simple things. A phone call from their children or a break from their day to day routine. A tantrum free toddler – ok – maybe that’s pushing it! I’m sure it will be extra special to unwrap something on the day. I particularly enjoy giving and receiving gifts and especially ones that have been handmade or have been personalized. Some great gift ideas for mums, grandmas, first time mums, step mums or other mother figures are below:

A handmade card is so special. I have kept every single handmade card I’ve received from my daughter. Ideas can be found here

A beautiful flower bouquet or arrangement would brighten up even the dullest days. Here’s a great tutorial

Or brunch – yum! Eating something that someone else has made is a real treat.  I love these three easy Mother’s Day brunch ideas from Domestic Geek.

Run a bath for mum and surprise her with these handmade soaps. These diy donut bath bombs  and lavender lemon soapslook great and I’m sure smell incredible.

If you have time and knitting/crocheting skills, why not make this beautiful Anthropologie inspired cushion cover to grace your mums sofa or bed. A tutorial can be found on Hermione Chantal’s You Tube channel.

If you don’t have the time, skill or patience to make something yourself, I have found 20 other personalised gift ideas from Not On The High Street and Etsy that don’t break the bank.

Whatever you do, be sure to love on your mum. Not just on Mother’s Day but every day.


The Girl Who Wears Heels xoxo


*Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links.

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