Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s one week to fathers day. If I’m honest, I’m yet to buy a gift… that would be because I’ve been so focused on our wedding anniversary which was yesterday that I lost sight of this. Men are also just so difficult to shop for, I only just got my husband’s gift on Friday! The good news is that I have dinner reservations sorted at The Ivy which I’m much looking forward to. If you are yet to have something organised for the day here are a few ideas.

How about making them  a true british fry up for breakfast (vegan friendly fry up can be found here). I particularly enjoy trying new recipes and I think one of these from Jamie Oliver will come to the rescue for breakfast and lunch.

A DIY gift is always welcome from the littles. Why not get them involved to make something that dad will cherish? Here are a few ideas. If you are looking for buy something, I’ve got you covered with affordable gifts under £50. But you need to get your skates on if you want these to arrive in good time.

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