The Ultimate Summer Shoe Edit 2018

Hallelujah, it’s time to get the toes out!

I can’t believe we are halfway through the year, and this is my first post dedicated to shoes! Better late than never though! And because I owe you big time, I have gone to town with this edit. I have scoured the internet for the perfect shoes to see you through summer – from sandals to ankle boots, formal court shoes to casual sports shoes, woven flats to colorful stilettos, peep toe to closed toe shoes… The list is endless and there’s something for everybody and every occasion. I’ve come up with 100 pairs of shoes (this is what we call proper DEDICATION to the cause people) for summer. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for them all, but you bet that I added a few of these to my collection.  As usual, I’m in the business of looking after your pockets so be rest assured these beautiful shoes will not break the bank (that is if you don’t buy the whole lot).

Before you get shopping, I thought I would give you a low down of my go to shoes for the season.

  1. Open toed flat sandals/slides – As you know, English weather is quite schizophrenic. So on the very rare occasion when the sun’s out and the birds are singing, you are bound to find me in open toed shoes. If you are like me, your feet swell when the suns blazing. I mean, who wants to stuff their hot swollen feet in a tight closed toe shoe? Not I! Flat open toed sandals are practical, comfortable and the feet can breathe…. The only thing I can’t wear outdoors is flip flops and I find it very odd that anyone would. I’m sorry, I’m totally judging. Let me explain… It’s the way we (as in most Africans) are raised. We were only allowed wear flip flops in the house or by the pool. It is unthinkable to wear flip flops outside the door and say that you are dressed! I just can’t do it…
  2. Closed toed  mules – These are a life saver on those days when your feet are leaving a lot to be desired! I’m the first one to admit that I don’t always have freshly painted toe nails… Sometime, life gets the best of me and well, you know, I get to reach for these as I don’ want to blind anyone. Easy to wear and take off, mules are now a fave of mine and depending on the style, they can look a little more dressy than the open toed sandals.
  3. Bright colored and fun shoes – When I think of summer I think of festivals, fun and color. I prefer to keep my shoes on the lighter side of the color spectrum during the spring/summer months. I also love the ‘nude’ and brown colors because they usually go with anything, I find an all black shoe a bit too harsh for the season. I also enjoy getting shoes with a little more to them like pompoms or feathers. They are fun to wear and can lift the most basic outfit. Florals, gingham, stripes, pink, yellow, purple…. everything goes.
  4. Wedges – Now you know, your girl loves a good heel heel – a stiletto to be precise (side note – I detest kitten heels… ugh) – but as good as they look, stilettos are not the most comfortable to wear over a long period of time. It’s already tough dealing with the heat and swollen feet. I dare not add to the discomfort with a stiletto. During the summer months, I tend to turn to wedges primarily for comfort. They are perhaps not the best to wear to a formal occasion, so would reach for these when going to a garden party, Sunday lunch or an event where smart casual dressing is appropriate. I would wear stilettos to a wedding or when the outfit calls for it.
  5. Trainers and Boots – Listen up – a boot is a must have through out the year in England. The weather could  change up on you at a moments notice. I was a girl guide and we were taught to be prepared, so I never really put away my boots (or umbrella for that matter). I tend to reach for the brown/tan tones as I think they look better with lighter fabrics and bright colored outfits.

So those are my must have shoes for summer. What are yours? Let me know in the comments section below.

Now let’s get shopping.

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