COVID-19 and the 3 things I am doing right now

We are living in interesting times right now. Life as we know it has really taken a turn with the spread of the dread Coronavirus which has the world talking and in turmoil. Like most people, I am concerned about the effect this is having – directly or indirectly to my family, community, economy, work etc. It seems that everyday things are getting worse. However, I choose to keep living – yes- I am living!!  I am not allowing fear to control me or my family to the point that we are unable to live our lives fully. I am still leaving my house, meeting friends, eating out, going to church and doing what I’ve always done! Life goes on! It has to!

There are, however, 3 specific things I am doing right now:

  1. Living by faith – As anxiety increases. my faith has deepened.  That’s not to suggest that there hasn’t been a bit of a tug of war between fear and faith. However, I am only too aware that both can’t co-exist. I, therefore, choose to focus and make this a time for reflection and finding my strength, hope and peace in God and being a beacon, leading others to Him.
  2. Living with wisdom – Living by faith doesn’t mean that I am devoid of common sense. I am listening to health experts and being cautious – washing my hands more often, my husband will now work from home every other week (as per his organisation’s strategy on the virus), spending less money on unnecessary things and making our money go further… We choose to operate in wisdom rather than fear!
  3. Living in community – We are in this TOGETHER! I am saddened that vulnerable people or those with low incomes, hospitals, care homes, food banks, etc. have very little access to supplies because we are stock-piling. I know we are afraid and want to provide for our families. However, give consideration to others.  I bet there are many ways we can support our communities. I have signed up with the local church and community association to assist with checking up on most vulnerable people in my immediate community, to do shopping etc. I love this quote by Scott Sauls “In a time like now, Christian neighboring looks less like fearful self-preservation and more like servanthood toward the elderly, those with HIV, autoimmune disease, or no healthcare, fatigued and under-resourced healthcare workers, etc. Wash hands, for sure. Then, wash feet.” Love your neighbour as you love yourself!

How are you doing? What are you doing?

Click here for information from the NHS.

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  1. Jacqueline
    18/03/2020 / 6:56 am

    This is awesome I am particularly encouraged by no.3 living in community ! I am doing well most times , how ? keeping my thoughts fixed on christ Jesus . but how practically ? abide meditation 1st thing and last thing/bible app plan currently 3 ways to pray for your husband, short inspirational podcast, a chapter a day of a book , out of bed change into fitness for at least 10 – 30 minutes of exercise end with 5-8 mins of yoga meditation, while still sweaty tackle a few quick win chores for about 30-60 mins, pre breakfast ginger tea / cereal, shower and mini facial. time to change my environment I leave for the library spend afew hours read a few pages of an interesting book, research for voluntary roles cover or non cover related most of which have cancelled volunteering until further notice, remembering to observe social distancing, washing hands and taking a break, and because family and friends are in a different timezone occasionally looking at the world clock to see whom I might text or call for a few minutes to laugh to chat to encourage (to be vulnerable with , to pick up a concern to pray for .. to be ….with )them and myself that God is still Sovereign, he loves the nations with an everlasting love and his providence is still with us no matter the situation with Covid 19, he doesn’t sleep or slumber , he is not slow to accomplish his purpose and plan , that he is with us in the calm and in the storm , all things serve him even evil – He is sovereign ! now back at home its time to make dinner for the family and remember to be grateful for the enabling grace through out the day, for the provision , protection and peace experienced through prayer and thanksgiving for those affected and infected by Covid 19 – me included because we are one !

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