Hello and welcome!

I am a Christian wife and mother who loves wearing heels (I mean, I don’t really understand flats!). This is a personal life & style journal as I transition in many areas of my life.

Originally from Kenya, I moved to Bristol in 2005 to set up home with my newly-wed husband. Having had a career in Higher Education spanning over 10 years, I left my job in December 2016 to reinvent myself, find new passions and succeed on my own terms. I am a true homebody, and an introvert at heart, and enjoys singing, travelling, entertaining friends and family, baking and buying shoes (much to my husband’s dismay!). I’m most productive in my fluffy robe and live in Surrey with my husband and feisty 7 year old daughter.

Expect blogs on interiors, style, christian living, meal plans, my fitness and weightloss experience (this one right here needs Jesus Himself!)… you know, life!

Now, you may want to see a picture (trust me, I’m no shrek!) but I’m going to be incognito – I’m not sure for how long – but that’s how it is for now. Ok? Ok, great!

Thank you for spending your time here. I look forward to connecting with you. Now let’s get into it!


The Girl Who Wears Heels

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